More speakers still to be announced. Check back soon for further details.


Day 1 - Friday

Whakatau, Opening Prayer and Introduction
Lambton Ballroom

Session One: Today’s ministry context and reality
Lambton Ballroom

Lambton Ballroom

Day 2 - Saturday
Morning Prayer
Lambton Ballroom
Session Two: Making sense of our reality
Lambton Ballroom
Morning Tea
Session Three: Getting ministry specific
Lambton One & Two
Lambton Ballroom
Session Four: Interactive Seminars
Various locations
Afternoon Tea
Session Four: Interactive Seminars (continued)
Various locations
Break (pre-dinner)
Youth Ministry Conference Dinner
The Cable Room, Black & Gold Harbourside Function Venue
Marriage Ministry Conference Dinner
Lambton Ballroom, InterContinental Hotel
Day 3 - Sunday
Morning Prayer
Lambton Ballroom
Session Five: How will we respond?
Lambton One & Two
Session Six: Getting local specific
Various locations
Morning Tea
Sunday Eucharist
Lambton Ballroom
Closing Ceremony
Lambton Ballroom
Conference ends

Interactive Seminars

Your options during Session Four on Saturday

Below is the list of Interactive Seminars available on Saturday afternoon. You’ll be asked for your top four choices during the registration process, so read up on them here to get an idea of what you’re signing up for!

1. Kanohi ki te Kanohi (Face to Face)
Facilitating high quality communication

We know it when we see it, but what does it take to become a great communicator? Tips and tools to better engage with others.

2. Diverse Marriage Ministry

Tools for working in multicultural marriage ministry

Our communities here in Aotearoa have never been more diverse! Tips and tools for ministering in cultures other than your own.

3. Diverse Youth Ministry

Tools for working in multicultural youth ministry

Our communities here in Aotearoa have never been more diverse! Tips and tools for ministering in cultures other than your own.

4. Taming the Beast

Technology addiction and relationships

Probably the biggest obstacle to good relationships today is the digital screen! How can we reframe the issue to best use technology without letting it totally dominate our lives?

5. Social Isolation in a Super-Connected World

Modern day loneliness

Unpacking the latest findings on research into just how lonely young people are today. What can be done?

6. Mental Health in Marriage Preparation

What to look for & what to do

Understanding the prevalence of depression, how it impacts relationships and how to respond appropriately.

7. Youth Ministry for a Secular age

Uncovering the Church’s process of evangelisation

What really matters in Catholic ministry with young people today? What can we learn about evangelisation today from the process our Church has developed over the centuries?

8. Spirituality in a World that Can’t Keep Still (or Shut Up)

Making space for prayer and reflection when it seems impossible to switch off. Is there an app for that?

9. Fertility

Planning family naturally

Natural methods of birth control fit with Catholic Teaching and for many couples (religious and secular) they appeal as couples seek to avoid chemical and mechanical interventions in family planning. How to consider natural methods with couples wanting to understand their fertility.

10. Marriage Programmes for Today's Church

What’s important?

Setting up for a fulfilling marriage – what is important in a contemporary marriage preparation programme? Are we hitting the mark?

11. Safeguarding and the Gospel

Where are we at?

As we in Aotearoa NZ join the world in confronting the harsh reality of the abuse crisis, clericalism is emerging as one critical factor among others. How do we confront abuse and be a safe Church for all people. The Catholic experience of participation in the Royal Commission will be explored.

12. Pornography

Everyone gets hurt

The statistics are appalling – the harm to individuals and relationships, catastrophic. What can be done? Ways forward on this issue will be discussed.

13. Community Without Boundaries

A vision for Catholic life beyond the parish

What will it take to be a community for the next generations? Tips and tools for accompanying young people well beyond Sunday Mass…

14. Nurturing Missionary Zeal

Are we serious about spreading the Gospel?

How do we recognise our gifts and personal mission? What is the role of the family in nurturing a sense of mission and is anyone doing it?

15. Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

An Ignatian approach

Explore Ignatian spirituality as a remedy for the pace and problems of our modern world. Create your own examen.

16. Building Bridges

Issues of gender, sexuality and welcome

The complexity of these issues and fear of hurting our young can leave us polarised. How can we stay true to what our Church teaches while ensuring that no one is turned away from the unconditional love of our God?